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Thursday, 28th June 2007

Briefs: Google Voice Adds Maps and Info, What Do Others Provide?; MIT Libraries Launches New Virtual Reference Collection; Library of Congress Manuscript Reading Room Web Site Updates;

+ Get Maps from Google Voice Directory Service (via Google Blog)
When you use the Google Voice Directory (1-800-Goog-411) just say "map it" or say "details" and then "text message" and directory info along with a link to a map of the location will be sent to you via SMS. Google will also automatically dial the number.

Btw, Google Voice isn't the only service that offers you a link to a map and directory info delivered via SMS.
Btw, to access the actual map, you're going to need a phone with a wireless web browser.

Other Free Directory Assistance Services: 2 Offering Info Sent via SMS Including a Link to a Map
+ Tellme/Microsoft: 1-800-555-TELL
In addition to business directory info, other services are available (news, stock quotes, movie times (including ticket purchase), travel info, etc.).

Tellme Business listings (phone number, address, and a link to a map) can be sent via SMS. Another useful feature is that you can also send the directory info/map to others via SMS. Just say or type the other persons phone number. The data is sent instantly.

Btw, Tellme directory info is also available via SMS at 83556 (TELLM) and with some carriers and phones, via a client app.

+ 1-800-FREE411
Residential, government and business listings. The phone number (only) can be sent (press 3) to your phone via SMS.

+ 1-800-YellowPages/(1-800-935-5697)
AT&T service. Currently only available in Bakersfield, Calif.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; and Columbus, Ohio.

+ 1-800-411-SAVE
Not available in all areas.

+ 1-800-SAN-DIEGO
Not available in all areas.

Speaking of maps and roadways, don't forget about the voice-activated, real-time traffic info service from Traffic.com at 1-866-MY-TRAFC.

+ Britannica Launches Global Reference Center Web Site
Direct to site at http://global.eb.com.

+ MIT Libraries Launches New Virtual Reference Collection (Beta)

+ Multimedia Search: eZanga and Pixsy Announce Deal

+ In the Past Month Two Pages from LC's Manuscript Division Reading Room Web Site Have Been Updated
++ Manuscript Division Finding Aids Online
++ Guide to Using the Collections

+ Real-Time and Predictive Traffic Info Comes to Telmap via Inrix
See Also: Learn More About Telmap and Inrix


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