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Thursday, 28th June 2007

Briefs: New Members Named To Depository Library Council; Endeca, Siderean and Others; Mossberg Reviews Ask.com;

+ Government Docs: New Members Named To Depository Library Council (via GPO)

+ Is Endeca the Next Google (via News.com)
Note: If you are going to include Endeca you have to also include Siderean. Bottom Line? Those of you who have been looking at our blog since the early days know that we are big fans of faceted "searching/browsing."
See Also: Siderean is being used at LII.org, TheGateway.org, and Environmental Health News
See Also: Endeca is being used at North Carolina State University as their library catalog.

+ Walt Mossberg of the Wall St. Journal Reviews Ask.com* (via WSJ)
*Gary is Director of Online Resources at Ask and wrote a detailed overview of Ask 3D (what Mossberg writes about) the day it launched. He also added a few comments (about Ask, Exalead, and Clusty) in this post (first item) about web search brands.


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