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Thursday, 28th June 2007

Project Gutenberg Canada Launches on July 1st (Canada Day); World eBook Fair Also Begins Next Week

Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg (some 36 years ago, who says book digitization is new) sends along a note that Project Gutenberg Canada will go live on Canada Day, this coming Sunday.

He writes:

The twin missions of Project Gutenberg Canada are to promote and make available, free of charge:

- Canadian literature (in both of Canada's official languages)
- non-fiction books on Canadian history, politics, and culture

- fiction and non-fiction (from all countries) which are in the Canadian public domain
- in any language, as is appropriate for a country with Canada's multicultural makeup

He adds:

Gutenberg Canada's inauguration will consist of not less than a dozen new ebooks, including

- novels
- children's books
- autobiographies
- a chess treatise

But the site already includes around 200 titles by such famous

Canadian authors as Emily Carr, Frederick Philip Grove, Louis Hémon, Pauline Johnson, Stephen Leacock, Nellie McClung, and L. M. Montgomery of "Anne of Green Gables" fame.

For more info about Project Gutenberg Canada contact: Mark Akrigg

See Also: Second Annual World ebook Fair Begins Next Week
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