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Thursday, 31st May 2007

New Real Estate Info Database: Trulia Hindsight

New Real Estate Info Database: Trulia Hindsight
Very cool and very useful.

Trulia Hindsight, a new site that we’ve developed with design firm Stamen, provides an animated map of residential properties in the US. With Trulia Hindsight, you can search for specific cities, neighborhoods, or even streets and then watch as properties appear on the map in the year they were built. A slider control allows you to see when the majority of development occurred, pause on a specific time frame or focus on only homes built before or after specific years. Truly a unique and fun way to visualize the development of cities, towns or blocks . . . be careful you may spend hours cruising around the country.

+++ Quick Notes
+ Uses Microsoft Virtual Earth
+ Enter a City Name or Zip Code, using a state abbreviation helps
+ Each dot represents residential built in a specific year. You can pause the image as it's being compiled. You can also go directly to a specific year or range of years.
+ Zoom in and out of a map (like your used to). Note the green dots on the zoom tool. Green dots equal information available at that level.

Direct to Map and Database

Source: Trulia Blog


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