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Saturday, 5th May 2007

Google Domain Names and Hybrid Cars?; Microsoft Domains: Road Trips & Products of Champions

More Domains For Google: The Recharge Project?
A couple of weeks ago, the team at the Googleplex registered the following domains listed below. In the past day or so, they have been moved to Google name servers. However, at the time we're posting this item, these domains, registered to Google Inc., are not active. Perhaps these domains are related to the $200,000 Google donated to the CalCars project to promote plug-in hybrid vehicle education.

+ rechargeproject.com
Note: Rechargeproject.org is registered to an organization, "developing communities to provide solar recharging systems for portable electronic devices like radios."

+ recharge-project.com

+ rechargenow.org
Rechargenow.com is registered to a Seattle company that devlops workshops for business.

In more Google domain name news...
The other day we pointed out that Skakee.com, registered by Domains by Proxy had been transferred to a Google name server. As of today, it's back to a non-Google name server. Who knows?

Now, to the Microsoft Beat...

New Domains from MSFT:

+ productsofchampions.com, .net, .org
A new slogan for MS or a cross-promote with Wheaties? The "Breakfast of Champions?" :-)

+ windowslivespacesroadtrip.net, .org
Note: WindowsLiveSpaceroadtrip.com takes you to a casting call to take part in a 5 week round trip MS is sponsoring this summer to, "make the earth a better place to live."

+ account-activation-msn.us, .net

+ account-reactivation-msn.us, .org

+ accounts-msn.us

+ activation-msn.us

+ administration-msn.us

+ conformite-licences.com, .net, .org

+ conformitelicences.com, .net, .org

+ itfdakar2007.com, .net. .org


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