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Monday, 30th April 2007

Updates at GovTrack.us

Updates at GovTrack.us

GovTrack continues developing into an essential resource for political and legislative research in the U.S. So many useful tools/databases and it's even available at no charge. Yes, GovTrack.us is free. So impressive!!!

From the blog post:

A new Presidential Candidates page for those candidates that have served in Congress, which is actually most. You can see how they line up in political leanings, sorted them based on their position in GovTrack’s Political Spectrum.

The representative statistics page has been updated to go back a few more years, and the political spectrum has been updated for the 110th Congress.

New download options at the top-right of the main Votes page (which is a relatively new page, btw) and on the pages for individual roll call votes so that you can import the data into Excel (CSV format) or use it for other applications (XML format).

Source: GovTrack News and Notes


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