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Monday, 30th April 2007

Briefs: A Large Helping of Aerial and Bird's Eye Imagery Added to Virtual Earth; Text Transcript of John Battelle's Interview with Eric Schmidt

+ Jabber creator signs on to Wikia search project (via News.com)
Jabber founder Jeremie Miller has signed on to help develop Wikia's open-source search engine project, the organization announced. The article goes on to say:

Not mentioned in the press release is the fact that Wikia is a for-profit venture. The complete business plan has yet to be worked out, but profits and revenue may be derived from advertising or services, {Wikia CEO Gil] Penchina said. The intellectual property behind Wikia, however, will be freely licensed under standard open-source mechanisms.

+ Lots of New Imagery Added to Virtual Earth
What's New?
++ Birds Eye Imagery, U.S.
Cleveland County OK, Chittenden County VT, Canadian County OK, Bernalillo County NM, Oklahoma County OK, Suffolk County NY, Chesapeake County VA, Franklin County NY, Wood County OH, Riverside County CA, Minneapolis Metro MN, Yates County NY, Douglas County CO, Hamilton County IN.
++ Aerial Imagery, Canada
Toronto, Quebec City.
++ Aerial Imagery, France
Bordeaux, Montpellier, Toulouse, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo.
++ Aerial Imagery, Italy!
73 new cities now have 15cm resolution aerial coverage.
++ Aerial Imagery, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta.
++ Aerial imagery, U.S.
States of Indiana and Hawaii, Malibu, Joiliet, Miramar, San Francisco, Aurora, La Jolla, Naperville, Niagara Falls, Beaverton, La Mesa, Brooklyn, Portland, Indianapolis, Newark, Roseville, Columbus, Dallas Ft. Worth, Imperial, Juneau, Fairbanks.

+ Text Transcript of John Battelle's Interview with Eric Schmidt
We linked to the video here.

+ Comcast Partners With Yahoo For Online Display & Video Ads (via Search Engine Land)

+ Three Minutes With a Chief Yahoo (aka A Chat With David Filo, via PC World and Search Engine Land)


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