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Monday, 30th April 2007

Briefs: Google's Personalized Services Renamed iGoogle, New Features Added; CFP: SIGIR 2007 Workshop: Improving Web Retrieval for Non-English Queries

+ Google steps up personalized Web search push
From Reuters:

As part of its effort to render more personally relevant Web search results, the company said on Monday it has introduced a geographic aspect to search results based on the location that individual users select as their home location on Google Maps

Google is also going to introduce a new tool that will make creating gadgets for personalized pages easier. It's called Gadget Maker. From the sound of it, similar to Yahoo Pipes or the tool Microsoft offers on Live.com that makes adding just about any search tool to the IE search box a breeze.

Note: Geographic searching has been a part of Microsoft's Live Search since it first launched. Here's a 2004 article by Chris Sherman that discusses this feature operates. Look for the local box on the Live Search options page. Microsoft also offers a location finder client that works (if downloaded) with their local search tool. Finally, Loki from Skyhook Wireless does an impressive job of offering local information based on where you're located (U.S.). Loki uses wi-fi signals to determine your location.

See Also: For the web search history buffs, let's go back seven years to June 2000 when Northern Light partnered with
to offer a geographic searching tool.

See Also: From Microsoft adCenter Labs: Detecting Geographic Location

+ CFP: SIGIR 2007 Workshop: Improving Web Retrieval for Non-English Queries

Over 60% of the online population are non-English speakers and it is probable the number of non-English speakers is growing faster than English speakers. Recent studies showed that non-English queries and unclassifiable queries have nearly tripled since 1997. Most search engines were originally engineered for English. The main objectives of the workshop are to propose techniques and to evaluate tools which improve the effectiveness of the existing search engines in non-English searching.

+ Search Business: Proxy Statements (DEF-14A) Released by SEC
++ IAC/InterActiveCorp


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