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Tuesday, 10th April 2007

Briefs: Yahoo: Viacom Deal & News from China; Google & United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Provide New Layer for Google Earth + More Digital Globes

+ Yahoo, Viacom Announce Deal (via News.com)
++ Yahoo China Launches Blogging and Networking Service (via Reuters)

+ Google Earth and Crisis in Darfur Project from United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (via News.com)
Very interesting and important work. Kudos to Google.

Interested in other digital globes? 3 services to know about.

+ SkylineGlobe (FREE)
Allows users to embed LIVE traffic cameras (several cities in U.S., Canada, and London, UK.) on top of aerial imagery. Also:
+ Business Directory
+ Near real-time weather layer
+ Census Data
+ Analysis Tools (distance, vertical distance, etc.)
+ Click on a spot and get a street address
+ Hotel Finder
+ GPS Tracking
+ NASA World Wind
Free. An open source project. Numerous data sets to choose from, ability to use MS Virtual Earth imagery, import and use KML and KMZ files, plus hundreds of add-on tools and layers.
Btw, in addition to Earth imagery, World Wind also offers imagery of:
+ Moon
+ Mars
+ Venus
+ Jupiter
+ Sloan Digital Sky Survey
++ Mercury
++ Saturn

+ TerraFly
Online for many years, long before the aerial imagery boom. U.S. imagery only. What makes this service from Florida International University different is that if you click on an image, local info is provided (census, businesses, schools, and much more).


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