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Sunday, 1st April 2007

Some Yahoo Search Results With Automatic Spell Correction

We're not sure how new or old this is. In fact, it might be something that Yahoo is simply testing. Whatever the case, we still think it's worth a mention.

In the past few days ResourceShelf has noticed that for some searches, Yahoo, by default, will offer search results with a spelling correction already made. In other words, if you accidentally enter Barry Schwarttz, results for Barry Schwartz are included with the option to click and run the search as you entered it.

At the top of search results page, look for a tan box with the statement:
"We have included results for Barry Schwartz. Do you want results just for Barry schwarttz?"
Here's a screen cap in case you're not seeing this type of result.

Other Examples:
+ Oaklaand Athletics (Screen Cap)

+ Microsoffrt (Screen Cap)

+ Macaronni and Cheese (Screen Cap)

+ Freee Sogtware (Screen Cap)
In this search, freee remains uncorrected but sogtware is corrected to software.

+ Giness Book of World Records (Screen Cap)

+ Montreal Canadians (Screen Cap)

+ Steve Jooobs (Screen Cap)
However, Stevve Joobs does not trigger the correction but a "did you mean xxx" suggestion at the top of the results list.

For other searches, the traditional "Did you mean xxx" hyperlink continues to appear.
+ Airbbus
+ Suffernn (an NYC suburb)
+ Voipp

Finally, we were unable to find a search using "quotation marks" that triggered the auto correction but did you mean xxx are visible. Examples:
+ "Lincolln Memorial"

+ "Nothwestern University"

+ "Georgia Doome"
However, without the quotation marks, the auto corrected spelling is visible (Screen Cap)

See Also: Results for Geogia Doome on Ask, Exalead, Google, Live Search.


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