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Thursday, 1st March 2007

Briefs: Google Publishes 2006 Annual Report, Includes List of Subsidiaries; CitySearch to Acquire InsiderPages; UK: Claiming Compensation if Your Data Rights are Violated

+ Google Publishes Annual Report, Includes List of Google's Subsidiaries
The full text of the 10-K (annual report) can be accessed here. The list of Google's subsidiaries is also available as part of the filing. Other portions of the 10-K, including the merger agreement with dMarc, are also included.
See Also: Google defends tax-accounting practices (via News.com)

+ UK: Information Commissioner's Office Publishes Guidance on Claiming Compensation When Data Protection Rights are Breached (via Kable's Government Computing)
Direct to Report: Claiming Compensation (3 pages; PDF)

+ Outside.in Gets Cash for Geocoding the Blogosphere
Note: Blogdigger has offered this type of feature (Blogdigger Local) for nearly two years.

+ CitySearch to Acquire InsiderPages


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