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Wednesday, 28th February 2007

Google Joins Yahoo, MSN With Traffic Info & Many Other Services Offering Traffic Data

+ Google Maps adds real-time traffic data (via News.com)
As the article points out, Google Maps offer only traffic flow info while Yahoo offers incident info as well.

More Choices and Tools
Sometimes it's useful to actually see where you'll be driving. Trafficland.com aggregates traffic cameras in many U.S. cities, Denmark, New Zealand, and UK (London*). Btw, SkylineGlobe (a digital globe service, free) let's you embed live traffic cams (via TrafficLand) on top of the aerial imagery for many metro areas including three Canadian cities.

California offers this page with full motion traffic video and real time access to the California Highway Patrol Traffic Incident database. The page even auto-refreshes every 60 seconds.

Mobile? Well, Trafficland offers a a mobile version for the metro D.C. area (fee-based) and the City of New York offers a mobile version of their traffic cam site.

Almost forgot, MSN Auto offers real-time traffic incident maps and traffic alerts via email or SMS. You can also find traffic info on MS Live Search.

Finally, Traffic.com. This service is feature packed and is free. Some of what they offer includes:
+ Personalized traffic info (you create a route(s)). Info delivered online, via RSS, SMS, email.
+ Metro area RSS feeds.
+ Incident alerts via email or SMS.
+ Mobile site.
+ Phone tools. In other words, dial a phone number (1-866 MY-TRAFC) and traffic info is read to you.
+ Traffic.com also offers cameras via TrafficLand.

+ Compilation of Traffic Cams for 10 Areas
+ Toronto Cams and Traffic Flow Maps
+ Quebec Traffic Cams
+ Vancouver Traffic Cams
+ Alberta and Calgary (Map)
+ For Other Provinces, Look in the Right Rail for "Provincial Road Reports"

* You can also find live traffic cameras for London, UK here as well as this London traffic incident map.


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