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Wednesday, 28th February 2007

Pixsy's Starhabit Database

We first mentioned Pixsy.com when it first launched in 2005 and again about 11 months ago.

Pixsy is an image and video search tool the culls content from news sources (via RSS), photo sharing sites like Flickr, and many others. You can also browse images by source or provider (look for the list in the left margin of the home page).

Pixsy also powers the image/video search on other sites. Info.com is one example.The company also builds "topic specific" engines focusing on events like the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, and the Academy Awards.

Also, for all of the pop culture types out there Pixsy launched a "topic specific" image and video search engine named StarHabit, that provides a steady stream of celebrity images about four months ago.

Overall, Pixsy has not only received plenty of notice of late months but more importantly, we've noticed a steady improvement to the quality of results we receive. Kudos to the Pixsy team and keep up the good work.

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