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Wednesday, 28th February 2007

Drug Interaction Info, Databases, and Resources

Wednesday's Washington Post includes an article about the continued rise in deaths due to drug interactions between 1999 and 2004. These numbers have continued to increase since the early 1990s. The statistics used in the article come from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Post article also includes this compilation of related web resources and drug checker databases.
From the article:

But the absence of a Web warning doesn't mean a drug combination is generally safe -- or, more important, safe for you, say Polley and others. Many factors, including a patient's health and medical history, can affect safety, and the Web sites warn patients to consult their doctors for specific advice about their medications.

See Also: a search of MedlinePLUS offers many more resources not listed in the article. Reources are organized by category in the left margin.

See Also: A Dangerous Mix: Some Drugs Don't Go Together; Web Sites May Help Flag Them (via The Washington Post)


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