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Sunday, 4th February 2007

New Tools for Webmasters from Google

Google Releases New Link Reporting Tools
Danny Sullivan with the lowdown on a new tool from Google (aimed at the webmaster crowd) that will give more in-depth information to link: (backlink) searches. You need to be a registered user of Google Webmaster Central to gain full access to all of the tools. In other words, it's designed primarily for the webmaster and not the searcher. To gain full access (to see all of the backlinks) you need be able to "claim" your site(s). This means you'll either have to include text in a meta-tag or upload a file to your server. Danny writes that Google is comfortable doing this because the info is only going to specific people. In other words, if you want to see ALL of the backlinks that Google has for a site that's not yours, it's still not possible.

Also, Danny notes:

You still won't get absolutely all the links Google knows about. In particular, links to any of your pages contained in Google's supplemental index won't be shown. But despite this, the amount of links reported will likely be massive compared to the "regular" link lookup command.

Btw, for the searcher, SEL's excellent overview of the new service reminds us that the "public" link: (aka backlinks) number might be far from accurate. Be careful!

On Google, you are still unable to combine additional terms with Google backlink (link:) searches. For example: link:oclc.org ohio.

At Yahoo, you can combine terms but YOU MUST use http:// after the link: command. For example, link:http://www.OCLC.org Ohio.

If you want all pages mentioning 'Ohio' that link to any OCLC page use the linkdomain syntax. For example, linkdomain:oclc.org ohio. In this case, do not use the http:// before the domain URL.

You can also combine terms at MSN Live Search.

See Also: Yahoo Site Explorer
The Yahoo service does not require registration. Potentially, more useful for the searcher. Yahoo also allows you to download results in TSV format.

Many thanks to friend, librarian, web search guru, and Search Engine Showdown publisher, Greg Notess, for his help with this post.


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