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Wednesday, 31st January 2007

Interview: James Gray, CEO and President of Ingram Digital Venture

Interview: James Gray, CEO and President of Ingram Digital Venture

Dennis Brunning (Arizona State University Libraries) chats with James Gray about e-books, Myilibrary, academic book pricing, Ingram's Purchase of Coutts, and up and coming challenges.

Here's one exchange from the interview:

Q. What's really cool about Myilibrary technology?

Gray: The great thing about our platform, unlike so many others, is that we own, and in fact built the entire platform in house. What that means is that we can respond faster to the changing demands of librarians and researchers. Today, we offer our library partners the ability to add their own electronic content, set up new title and approval plans, and even duplicate check their ordering on print and electronic. In the past year, we've added the metadata from our 6,000 Medical eBooks into ProQuest's A&I database, enabling a one stop search portal for all medical content, be it journal, eBook or otherwise. And in 2007, we will roll out our eBook loans model in partnership with CISTI, dramatically reducing the costs and processes formerly associated with interlibrary loans. This industry is moving fast, and the flexibility our platform gives us will be key to us successfully meeting the demands of our library partners in 2007 and beyond.

See Also: Complete Charleston Advisor Review of MyiLibrary (November, 2006)

Source: The Charleston Advisor (Full Text Available to All)


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