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Wednesday, 31st January 2007

New "Ultracam" Imagery Begins Appearing in MSN Live Local (Virtual Earth)

Ultracam Imagery beginning to appear in Virtual Earth
More aerial imagery, this time with a digital camera from Vexcel (a company that was acquired by MS last year) with an optical resolution of 11,000 horizontal pixels.

From the blog post:

What really goes on in the Microsoft Vexcel offices in Boulder? I've never made it down there to see first hand, but they boast this technology to robotically model and texture the 3d city scapes you see in Virtual Earth from aerial imagery. That sounds way too hard. For all I know they're fronting a sweatshop of trained monkeys working 16 hour days twiddling AutoCAD, but either way the results are quite impressive.

+ Dolphin's Stadium (where the Super Bowl will be played on Sunday)

+ Make sure to check the image of Mt. Rushmore in the blog post. Very cool!

It would be useful if MSN Live Local would alert users (perhaps with some sort of small marking) to imagery taken with Ultracam D.

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