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Tuesday, 30th January 2007

Agricola Gets Re-scoped: New Indexing Policy for 2007

A bit late on this one about Agricola's (an agriculture databases) new indexing policy. The press release is dated the 25th but the policy began at the beginning of the year.

From the announcement:

The National Agricultural Library (NAL) announces the re-scoped AGRICOLA Index and the list of titles to be indexed in 2007.

The re-scoped AGRICOLA Index better serves NAL’s customers by offering more links to full-text articles and avoiding duplication with other abstracting and indexing services. NAL re-scoped AGRICOLA because the rate of increase in the number of agriculture-related journal articles and other publications published in print and on the Web in the past decade has outstripped NAL resources available for indexing and maintaining the currency of the AGRICOLA Index.

See Also: List of Periodicals Indexed in Agricola (2007)

Source: NAL
Thanks to Bob T. for the news tip.


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