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Sunday, 31st December 2006

Top Songs of '06, IMDB.com's Top 25 Stars, Top News Stories and More Lists/Rankings Added to ResourceShelf's Year-End Wrap-Up

We've been busy posting numerous year-end lists on ResourceShelf during the past few weeks. Here are a few more. You can find all of what we've posted to this point by reviewing the Year-End Wrap Ups category.

+ Top Stories of 2006 (Editors and News Directors of the AP)
See Also: AP Sports Story of the Year: Tiger's wins ... and loss
See Also: AP Male Athlete of 2006 in close vote over LT
See Also: Ochoa wins AP Female Athlete award in a landslide

+ 2006 Year End Music Charts (via Radio & Records)
Numerous music categories. U.S. and Canadian charts.

+ IMDb.com's Top 25 Stars for 2006

+ The United Nations 10 Stories the World Should Hear More About (via United Nations)

+ The Top 10 Health Stories of 2006
Source: Harvard Health Letter

+ The 10 Most Outrageous Civil Liberties Violations of 2006
"I love those year-end roundups—ubiquitous annual lists of greatest films and albums and lip glosses and tractors. It's reassuring that all human information can be wrestled into bundles of 10. In that spirit, Slate proudly presents, the top 10 civil liberties nightmares of the year...."
Source: Slate

+ Top online media stories of 2006
Source: Cyberjournalist.net

+ Open Government: The 2006 Transparency Awards
Source: OMB Watch

+ “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2006
Source: Judicial Watch

Class of '07: The The Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Award Winners
"The amazing organizations that received the Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Awards have found a better way to do good: They're using the disciplines of the corporate world to tackle daunting social problems. In our fourth exclusive ranking, we used a similarly hard-nosed approach to find the 43 best social entrepreneurs."
+ Chart of winners
Source: FastCompany.com

MANY MORE LISTS and Rankings (from Popular Search Terms to Box Office Grosses to Top Songs) Can be Found by Browsing this RS Category.

See Also: More Lists via Library Boy


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