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Saturday, 30th December 2006

Mobile: Where Was the Photo Taken? ZoneTag (GeoTagging) Prototype from Yahoo Research

Here's a Yahoo Research Lab Berkeley prototype (not new, about 10 months old) but one you might have missed in 2006.

Since many of you are Flickr fans, it might be of special interest. Photos taken with a camera phone can utilize research.yahoo.com's ZoneTag. However, at this point there are many requirements. In other words, many of you will be unable to try it. Nevertheless, it's likely that the concepts developed here will be used elsewhere in the future.

In Yahoo Research language:

ZoneTag is a research prototype that aims to leverage the context available from cellular phones to create new experiences around media, and in particular, photographs. The name ZoneTag was inspired by Susan Sontag's 1977 quote asserting that "Everything [in the world] exists to end up in a photograph".

What ZoneTag offers, from the site:
1) Automatic Tag Suggestions

The suggestions are based on tags made by you and your Flickr contacts in similar context, e.g. in the same location.

2) Two Click Uploads to Flickr


ZoneTag can automatically tag your photos with the location, based on the cell tower, in which they were taken. The location of the cell tower is not known until our user community updates the city, state, or zip code of their photos on Flickr. ZoneTag is then able to map the cell tower to the location.

At this point (10 months after launch), ZoneTag only works with Motorola or Nokia phone (Series 60 V2, not V3) and a few wireless plans. More info in the FAQ.

Want to review what others have contributed (and said about the service)? Look here.


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