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Saturday, 30th December 2006

Sullivan Talks Wikisari with Jimmy Wales

+ Sullivan Talks Wikisari with Jimmy Wales (via Search Engine Land)
Danny does an excellent job (what else is new) chatting it up with Jimmy Wales about Wikisari, a yet to launch search tool that made lots of news last week. As many of you know, Jimmy Wales is also one of the co-founders of Wikipedia. We will be watching its progress with great interest in the new year. One of many things we learn in Sullivan's interview is that Wikisari is still in very early development.

Last week, in a post about Wikisari, ResourceShelf pointed out that information professionals/librarians and subject experts (aka humans) have been on the front lines developing databases where the quality (as determined by the humans selecting, reviewing and annotating the material) trumps the overall size of the database. If you never visited a few of these sites, we urge you to take a look. We think you'll be impressed. We listed a few (of thousands) of both general knowledge and some specific to one topic or discipline. The list could go on for pages. Most of these sites are non-commercial and provide expert generated metadata and annotations. They also have collection development policies (what can or cannot be added) similar to what an actual physical library has on file.

See Also: Wikiasari, Community Search Engine; What About Info Pro Community Constructed Databases and Search Tools?


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