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Saturday, 30th December 2006

Mobile: Enhancements and New Features @ 4INFO

4INFO is a mobile information service (web, WAP, SMS) that we've been posting about since it first launched. They're ending 2006 with a bunch of enhanced services that have rolled out in the past month or so. Here's a quick review:

+ 12 New SMS Alerts (sent via SMS)
Word of the Day, Bible Quotes, On This Day, Love Tips, Diet Tips, Movie Trivia, Celeb News, Daily Insult, Daily Myth, Fortune Cookie, and Wacky Days. Here's a complete list of all 4Info alerts. A new pickup line feature is also available. :-)

+ Upgraded Sports SMS Alerts
From the 4INFO blog:

Several users asked for the ability to get scores sent at the end of each period instead of at the end of the game (which you could already do on the web, but the default "Reply 1" set up was for end of game only). So, we changed the default setting to deliver at the end of each game's period (quarter, half, period) and at the end of the game.


+ Addition of Real-Time NFL Player Updates (via GroganSports)
Using the 4INFO Open Platform.

+ Open Platform
If you mobilize your content with the 4INFO Open Platform for free, end users will now see advertising. Other services to know about include Winksite, xFruits, and Squeet.

4INFO allows you to create text message alerts using ANY RSS feed and have them delivered as they're posted/published or at a specific time.

Another company doing impressive work (and getting better all of the time) in this area is ZapTXT. They not only provide mobile SMS alerts but also alerts via e-mail and IM. Keyword alerts too!


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