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Wednesday, 27th December 2006

Mobile Version: Aircraft Tracking with the New FlightStats Mobile

FlightStats is one of three flight tracking (flights to and from the U.S. and Canada) tools we use often.
In the past couple of weeks FlightStats has launched a mobile version of its service at Mobile.FlightStats.com. The mobile version offers a bunch of useful tools but it's not nearly as robust as the non-mobile site.

FlightStats Mobile offers:
1. Flight Status (Airline, Arrival Time, Gate)
2. Departures & Arrivals (For a specific time period and airport and/or airline)
3. Flight Alerts (Most airlines, sent via SMS or e-mail)
4. Airline Information (Telephone numbers, Seating info (via SeatGuru.com), Links to Airlines Mobile Site)
5. Airport Information (Weather, Security Wait Times, Delays)
6. Security Wait Times (By airport)
7. Weather Center
8. Current Airport Delays (Direct from FAA, Also available here)

Three other airport info/flight tracking services we use for mobile:

+ RoveNet (using RLM Data)
Includes current aircraft speed, direction, altitude. This site is optimized for mobile.

+ FlightAware
Airport, airline data, maps, etc. This site does not offer a mobile version but using a transcoder like Skweezer or Mobile Leap will allow access to most features.

+ fboweb.com
Some features are fee-based. The Quick Track service is free. Like FlightAware, mobile version is not available. Some free maps and reference databases are also available. The Quick Track version can also be used with Google Earth. A mobile version with some FBOWeb.com services are available here. Registration (free) is required.

See Also: PalmFLYING.com
Software for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. They also have a mobile site with a great compilation of links.


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