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Tuesday, 19th December 2006

Zoho Introduces Web-Based Wiki Software: It's Free!

Zoho, the web-based application provider, continues to pound out new services and features. These guys continue to release a new service or enhance their many useful services on an almost weekly basis. Bottom line: Totally impressive services and in most cases the price is right, free! Zoho's tools might not only be useful to an info pro (in a professional situation) but they might also be, at the least, worth pointing out to patrons if they are in search of the services Zoho provides. Web 2.0 is defined in many ways by many people. If one of those definitions is about providing useful tools and constantly improving what's already available, Zoho is among the best.

Look for several recent RS posts with Zoho news at the bottom of this one.

Today, according to an entry on the Zoho Blog and an article on TechCrunch, Zoho Wiki is live and available at no charge.

Key Features:
+ WYSIWYG editing

+ Group Wiki with numerous types of permissions available for members

+ Wiki page versioning

+ Ability to embed content from other Zoho products like Zoho Writer, Zoho Show, Zoho Sheet, and other services (non-Zoho) (videos for example).

+ Demo Zoho Wiki with the demo account (top of the page) and watch an intro using Zoho Show here.

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