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Sunday, 17th December 2006

Briefs: Google / NASA & SkylineGlobe & World Wind

+ Google and NASA to Make Announcement Monday (via SpaceRef.com)
The announcement that was scheduled for last Friday and has now been rescheduled for today.

What's it about? Perhaps this story from New Scientist gives us a clue. It discusses a new info service called iEarth that will become available with Google Earth in April.

Called iEarth, the NASA software scours EOS databanks for information and converts it into a file that can be viewed via Google Earth. Choosing a spot on the planet's surface will prompt iEarth to display ground-based measurements for that location, as well as data relating to the atmosphere and space above it.

Thanks to All Points Blog for the news tip.

UPDATE: NASA Has Posted a News Release that discusses the partnership with Google.
No mention of iEarth but as digital mapping and GIS expert Adena Schutzberg points out, it seems consistent with today's news. She also notes a new domain of GoogleNASA.com.

See Also: NASA World Wind
Don't forget that an open source 3D Digital Globe Project from NASA and volunteers named World Wind offers access to numerous add-ons (new ones coming all of the time) that offers hundreds of data "layers" (including real-time and near real-time data like earthquakes, cloud formations, ) on to the globe. Imagery for the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter as well as data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
Other add-ons include: GPS tracking, a MetaCarta World Map and MSN Virtual Earth imagery. KML and KZL files can also be used. Access to World Wind is free.

See Also: Compare NASA's World Wind and Google Earth.
The World Wind Road Map is Also Online.
Learn more about the Free Earth Foundation.

See Also: SkylineGlobe
Here's another digital globe that's more than worth a look. Small download. Free. See these overview posts from October 2006. 1 ||| 2.
SkylineGlobe recently expanded the ability to embed LIVE traffic
cameras (via Trafficland.com) on top of aerial imagery for cities in the U.S., Canada, and U.K. Very cool!

++ On a Related Mapping Note, Google Announces it Has Acquired Endoxon, a European Online Mapping Company. (via Google Blog, Thanks to SEL)

++ U.S. House makes blogging easy (via Federal Computer Week)

+++ UK: Turning the Pages Nominated for ‘Best of the Best’ in e-Government National Awards


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