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Thursday, 30th November 2006

More Money from The Gates Foundation; $17.5 million for Libraries in Botswana, Latvia, and Lithuania

Expanded Global Libraries Initiative Increases Access to Information by Helping Public Libraries Provide No-cost Internet Services and Training

From the announcement:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [have] announced grants to three countries totaling $17.5 million to help ensure that people in Botswana, Latvia, and Lithuania have the opportunity to benefit from the latest information and training available on computers and the Internet. The grants will help each country plan for or provide no-cost information technology services and training in public libraries and reading rooms. The grants are part of the foundation’s Global Libraries initiative, which is expected to invest $328 million over seven years to support computer and Internet access in public libraries in 12 to 15 countries.

Source: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


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