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Thursday, 30th November 2006

Briefs #2: Saying Hello to Search Engine Land; MS Expo Expands into UK & China; Yahoo brings party planning to your cell phone

+ Don't Forget! Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman and the Rest of the Gang from Search Engine Watch are Moving to Search Engine Land
We wish Danny, Chris, Barry* and the rest of our friends who are moving to the new site a great run with their new and most essential site. SEL launches on December 11th, but knowing how hard this team works, we're already checking. In fact, we see that their daily newsletter will launch today. Of course, an RSS feed is also available. Personal Note from Gary: Danny ended 10 years at SEW yesterday. It was my privilege and honor to be a part of the site for over a year and a half. Danny, thank you for that opportunity and also for continuing to take notice of what we are up to on ResourceShelf.
* On a related note, in addition to working at Search Engine Land, Barry Schwartz is the proprietor of Search Engine Roundtable (SER). Today is also SER's third birthday. If we were editing a dictionary, a picture of Barry next to the definitions of both friend and colleague would be ideal. We also wish him the best at SEL and continued success at SER.

+ Bowker’s Fiction Connection Honored as One of Best Electronic Services and Databases for Libraries

+ Yahoo brings party planning to your cell phone (via News.com)
From the article:

Mixd is geared toward sociable young people who are already avid text messengers, said Scott Gatz of Yahoo's Advanced Products Group. "The mobile phone is like a piece of their body," he said. "It's inseparable from them."...At its most basic, it's a mobile-messaging and media-sharing application for events-based groups," Gatz said. He underscored that there is no charge outside of carriers' regular text messaging packages, and additionally, participants do not need a mobile Web plan or a cell phone camera (though the latter is preferable).

Direct to Mixd Web Site. In May of 2005, Google acquired a mobile/social tool named dodgeball which is now available in 22 cities.

+ New Version of MS Expo Online, Service Now Available in UK and Chin
Now live in China and the UK. New services also added including ability to share your listings on Facebook, image enhanced preview, and more.


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