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Thursday, 30th November 2006

Web-Based Apps Galore: Zoho Keeps Rolling Along With New Services Including API's and a Plugin for MS Office

Zoho Keeps Rolling Along

Zoho, the web-based (and mostly free) suite of web-based tools (that we regularly use) keeps moving forward with new stuff. As we said a few weeks ago, the Zoho team is online almost weekly with something new. Today, three new products as noted in this blog post. However, you define Zoho (Web 2.0?, web-based tools, productivity resources, etc.) we would also add the word "useful" to the definition.

1. Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office

2. Zoho APIs

3. "Desktopize" Zoho
A download from a Zoho partner that gives Zoho web-based apps more of a desktop feel.

This blog post has more details. Like we've said many times, if you've never taken a look at what Zoho offers, their tools are more than worth a look.

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