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Thursday, 2nd November 2006

Resource of the Week #1: The Mother of All Library Conference Calendars & the Important work of Marian Dworaczek

Resource of the Week: The Mother of All Library Conference Calendars
By Shirl Kennedy, Senior Editor

In terms of professional conferences, some of us don't get around very much. Some of us get around quite a bit. But no matter how many conferences you attend, there are always...more. Marian Dworaczek, monographs coordinator in the Technical Services Division, University of Saskatchewan Library has put together the most extensive calendar of Library-Related Conferences I've ever seen. It extends all the way out to the ALA 2014 Annual Conference (June 26 to July 2, for those of you obsessive-compulsive enough to be marking your calendar or updating your handheld device now). Granted, the listings get a little sparse as you move that far into the future, but the page is "under construction," which indicates this is a work in perpetual progress.

It's pretty basic -- dates, locations conference titles -- but some of the listings include a live "more" link that will take you to the actual conference website. Personally, I've never heard of the majority of these gatherings, but just from some of the titles...well, you just have to be intrigued by a conference called 6th Annual Brick and Click Libraries. The would-be globetrotter will be interested to know that the listings here are worldwide in scope.

One caveat: The three columns -- date, location, title -- didn't line up quite right in my browser (FireFox 1.5 /Mac OS Tiger/15.4" MacBook Pro). I think HTML tables would help here, although my own coding days are long behind me.

See also:

Marian Dworaczek is also the editor, compiler, maintainer of some very well-known and useful web resources. Always the very best from Marian.

+ Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography
+ Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information
+ Electronic Publishing Reference Resources on the Internet
+ Censorship on the Internet: A Bibliography
+ Outsourcing of Technical Services in Academic Libraries: A Bibliography
+ Review of Technical Services in Academic Libraries: A Selective Bibliography


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