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Monday, 2nd October 2006

What's A SearchMash.com From Google?; Don't Forget Trovetopia

Yesteday, we posted a long list of "mashup related" names registered by Google either last week or the week before.

One of the domains we listed and that was registered to Google Inc. on September 13th is SearchMash.com.

Today, a note in the Google Blogoscoped Forum points to the fact that the site is live but notes they [Google] are limiting its use. For now, it appears to be a place where Google can test various UI ideas in a single, public location.

From the about page:
+ "SearchMash lets you search the internet in new ways." However, it's really difficult to see what's new.

+ What is SearchMash?
Basically, another testbed for Google. For example at the moment, it's slow, you can:
+ Reorder results (AJAX)
+ You can see the top three image results next to your web results. Ask, Google, and Yahoo have been placing image results on web results pages since 2003 (Ask) and 2005 (Google and Yahoo) if the query suggested that the person was looking for an image.

+ Different ways to refine your results (open in a new window, open cached copy, more from this site, etc.)

+ Interesting to see that SearchMash is not part of Google Labs

+ Privacy Policy

+ Notice that there is no Google branding on the page. So, as they say, stay tuned.

See Also: Make Sure Not To Confuse SearchMash.com with Pete Warden's MashProxy.com that adds several features to Google.

See Also: In June, we posted about Trovetopia from Yahoo. This site also serves as a "testbed" for Yahoo Shopping search concepts and technology. Direct to Trovetopia.


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