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Sunday, 24th September 2006

Need a Simple, Easy to Use Geocoder for U.S. Locations? Try This One

There are numerous geocoders out there. Some free, some fee-based. Some global. Some worldwide.

They permit a user to enter an address and/or Zip Code and get back basic geographic info like
+ Latitude
+ Longitude
and with the service we are going to suggest census tract info and the County FIPS Code. Here's an example, in this case for a Zip Code. Zip+4 also works. You can be as specific as a street address.

Funny, but in the past week we received three email notes looking for a suggestion for a U.S. geocoder.

Our suggestion would be to begin with a look at the geocoder from Melissa Data. It's free, easy to use, and is part (have you seen what else Melissa Data offers for free) of a superb collection of free look-up tools that Melissa provides. If you've never seen Melissa Data's free collection, it's MORE THAN worth a look.

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