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Sunday, 24th September 2006

Over 30 Domain Names Transferred to Google Inc.

We've posted in the past about Google having "google-related" domain names first registered by others (domain name squatters?) transferred back to Google Inc. Friday, was a big day for this type of thing with over 30 .com domains transferred to Google Inc. Basically, more IP for the Google stable.

A guess (only a guess) is that some/most/all of these domains were registered by a person in Belvidere, Illinois, using GoDaddy's registration services on November 5, 2005 or November 15, 2005. The cached pages (some still online at various times this month, using the Google Cache) are all placeholder pages. We've linked to a few of them.

We've even tracked down a blog post from April 2nd where the owner of these domains says he would like to sell them. Did Google pay? Our guess would be no. We also checked two UDRP databases and found no mention of these domains.

All of these domains were transferred to Google Inc. on Friday.

Some are domains that Google would want to have in their domain name inventory like Googlepayperview.com, Googlereservations.com, or Googletix.

Well, if Google ever wants to begin a tax prep service (Googletaxes.com), offer a college entrance exam (GoogleTests.com) or our favorite, begin a game (Googlegameshow.com) they now have the key domain names in their possession. Who would host? Howie Mandel? Larry? Sergey? Eric? Marissa? Perhaps the show would be called Search or No Search. (-:

  • Googlealternatives.com
    Domain First Registered Nov. 15, 2005
    Cached version via Google from earlier this month.
  • Googlebackups.com
  • googlecompare.com
  • googledoors.com
  • googleentrepreneur.com
    NOTE: At one time this page did have some content on it. Let's call it a placeholder +.
  • googleentrepreneurs.com
  • googleetc.com
  • Googlefolders.com
  • googlehomework.com
  • googleinsight.com
  • googlemonitoring.com
  • googleorders.com
  • googlepaperproducts.com
  • googlepayperview.com
  • googlereceipts.com
  • googleregistration.com
  • googlereservations.com
  • googlerestores.com
  • googlesharing.com
  • googlestartups.com
  • googletaxes.com
  • googletaxreturn.com
  • googletaxreturns.com
  • googletests.com
  • googletix.com
  • googletransactions.com
  • googlewebmonitoring.com
    Cached, Placeholder +

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