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Thursday, 7th September 2006

Just Released: Survey of Dept. of Homeland Security Data Mining Techniques

Survey of Dept. of Homeland Security Data Mining Techniques
22 pages; PDF.

From the exec summary:

We surveyed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to identify and describe data mining activities used to support the counterterrorism mission. Data mining and advanced analytics are evolving technologies that assist in the discovery of patterns and relationships from vast quantities of data. Data mining employs techniques from statistics, machine learning, database management, and visualization. These techniques aid the work of analysts, agents, and investigators and provide knowledge in a manner that aids and informs decision-makers.

We identified 12 systems and capabilities that DHS personnel use to perform data mining activities to support DHS’ mission of counterterrorism. Nine systems are operational and three systems are under development. While these data mining activities may perform various processes, we categorized and arranged our descriptions in a way that describes selected data mining processes and tools ranging from basic to advanced analytical tasks. The categories include expert systems, association processes, threat and risk assessment tools, collaboration and visualization processes, and advanced analytics.

Source: DHS/IG via DocuTicker

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