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Tuesday, 29th August 2006

Danny Sullivan to Leave Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies

A personal note from Gary.

A few week's ago we linked to a wonderful article about search engine expert (guru if you like) Danny Sullivan. My 18 months working with Danny (I was news editor at SEW) and chatting with him MANY times (understatement) each day was both hard work (Danny always told me to "take it easy" and go offline, I didn't always listen) but also pure joy.

I said it a few weeks ago and I'll say it again, he's the real deal. A true professional, a wonderful person and, I'm honored to say, a very good fried. He's someone that I can count on be it search related or not. I have to say the same is also very true for Chris Sherman. It was Chris (we wrote a book together) who brought me to SEW. I was thrilled that they decided to bring on someone who came from a non-SEM background.

Today, Danny announced that he is leaving both Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies for a number of reasons that he explains here.

While SEW and SES are Danny's babies and he's moving on, it's an understatement that Danny's future is very very very bright. The world is truly his oyster. I've told him that he's likely going to need an agent or at least a staff to field all of the big opportunities that are going to be coming his way. Remember, Danny is also a journalist and I wouldn't doubt that we will see his byline in top publications, his voice on the radio (and his podcast, of course) and his face and voice on television. He even notes that we might be seeing his name in the bookstore.

I could go on but we can save that for later. For me, while Danny's knowledge of the search industry is the best and he is loved by many, I am thrilled and honored to call him both a trusted colleague and friend. Thanks, D.S.

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