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Sunday, 27th August 2006

Redlasso Gets Ready to Join Multimedia Search Race; PBS Offers Searchable Video (Free)

Over the years we've used and mentioned several databases that allow the searcher to keyword search words spoken on broadcast and cable tv and then allows viewing of the video where those words are spoken on their computer in near real-time. Alerts are also available. Players in this space include:

+ TVEyes
Note: TVEyes offers a very basic service for web video at no charge and also powers Podscope.
+ Critical Mention
+ FedNet
+ ShadowTV

Now, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal (in an abbreviated article), Redlasso will join this race in the next month.

More Soon.

See Also: Redlasso for Searchers

See Also: Redlasso Results Page Demo. On the surface, it looks very similiar to what we've seen from some of the other companies listed above.

See Also: PBS offers Several Tools (ALL FREE) that Allow You To Keyword Search Segments from Several Programs


+ PBS NewsHour
Over 6 years of content.

+ Washington Week

+ Scientific American Frontiers

+ American Field Guide

We've collected over 1400 video clips that enable you to experience America's wilderness firsthand - simply browse the topics or search for your particular interests.

+ Nature Video Archive
Clips from many Nature programs.

+ Julia Child: Lessons from the Master Chef
Browse or search by chef, ingredient, series, or category. Material from several series.

+ Teachers Domain

High-quality multimedia from NOVA, American Experience, and other public television productions and partners
Video and audio clips, interactives, images, and document. Explanatory background articles for each resource.

ResourceShelf's 2003 Overview of this Service.

+ Wide Angle: Browse. Find Program by Title, Theme, Geography

+ Note: Tavis Smiley on PBS offers a browsable archive, audio only

++ Not Searchable but Available Online: 54 Episodes (full programs) from Frontline

++ Not Searchable but Available Online: Now
Complete programs (video), audio, transcripts.

++ Not Searchable but Complete Programs Available Online: Nova
18 shows. For a complete list of all Nova programs (back to 1974) see this page. Browse by subject, title, year of broadcast. Also of interest, Nova Interactive Archive.


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