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Sunday, 27th August 2006

Aerial Imagery comes to Real Estate Engine, Reply.com; Heat Maps Come to Zillow.com


+ Database has been around for a few years, now with aerial imagery from GlobeXplorer.

+ Estimated home values, comparison prices, etc. You can also now make unsolicited offers on a property

+ Reply's estimated price is called an R! valuation.

+ How an R! valuation confidence for each property is determined. We would like to know more than it being a "complex calculation."

+ Other research info like neighborhood stats, recent home sales, property info is provided.
Note from Gary: Most but not all of the specific property info for my home was correct.

Btw, Reply.com "your decision engine" also offers automobile pricing information.

See Also: Zillow.com
Note from Gary: The Zillow estimate or Zestimate of my home was approx. $12,000 less than Reply.com. I think both are much higher (20-30K over what we would likely get for our home) when compared to recent sales in the neighborhood.

While mentioning Zillow.com, we need to point out that they now offer "Heat Maps" for several metro areas including:

+ Boston
+ Chicago
+ Cleveland
+ Denver
+ Houston
+ Los Angeles
+ Miami
+ San Francisco
+ Seattle
17 metros total. These maps allow you to compare neighborhood values (based on Zestimates per sq. foot).

See Also: HomePages.com
Homes for sale in over 30 markets plus aerial imagery and maps.

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