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Tuesday, 25th July 2006

New Content Based Image Search and Retrieval Engine Debuts: xcavator

We've written numerous posts about content-based image retrieval for several years (CBIR) and also linked to several demos.

Today, we've learned about a new image engine demo named xcavator that utilizes content-based image retrieval. We haven't had time to put it through its paces just yet but we wanted to let you know about this new tool from a SF-based company named CogniSign.

+ Video demo.
+ Begin searching here. xcavator demonstrating its technology using a sample of images from the flickr database.
+ What makes it different? In this case you'll be searching for "similar" images by the actual makeup of the image. Put another way, CogniSign "spot[s] differences and similarities based on shapes, colors, image composition, object proximity, or a combination of these factors." We're all looking forward to spending some time with this one. For more on content-based image retrieval, see below.

Btw, since it's often about names, CogniSign calls its technology, "Intelligent Image Recognition Technology."

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Read about technology from LTU and check out their Image-Seek demo that combines keywords with CBIR.

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A "major strategy shift" according to TC.


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