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Sunday, 23rd July 2006

So Many Ways to Say A9, Amazon.com's Web Engine

It has been nearly two years since Amazon.com launched their A9 web engine. Lots of talk and forecasts when the site live but since then it has become a minor (some might even say less) part of the web search scene. Even the very cool A9's street-level (aka BlockView) imagery database (another much-discussed service at launch) hasn't been updated with new locations in a LONG time (over a year?). The last big news from A9 came in May when MSN Live Web Search became the default search engine replacing Google.

Well the point of this post isn't to discuss A9 and Amazon's involvement in search (we can save that for later) but to have some fun and simply point out a list that shows the 27 domains and spellings Amazon.com has registered to get users to their site. Our favorites? Numbers 19, 20 and 21.

1. a-nine.com
2. a-nine.net
3. a9-search.com
4. a9-search.net
5. a9.com
6. a9.net
7. a9.org
8. a9com.com
9. a9search.biz
10. a9search.com
11. a9search.info
12. a9search.net
13. a9toolbar.com
14. a9toolbar.net
15. a9toolbar.org
16. anine.biz
17. anine.com
18. anine.info
19. eh-9.com
20. eh-nine.com
21. ehnine.com
22. search-a9.com
23. search-a9.net
24. searcha9.com
25. searcha9.net
26. wwa9.com
27. wwwanine.com

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