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Monday, 12th June 2006

Shopping Search: Trovetopia, a Shopping Engine Beta from Yahoo? (and More New Trademarks from Yahoo?)

Shopping Search: Trovetopia, a Shopping Engine Beta from Yahoo? (and Two New More Yahoo Trademarks)
A quick review of the USPTO trademark database reveals two interesting and recently registered trademarks from Yahoo.
+ On May 3, 2006 Yahoo registered Trovetopia. What's a Trovetopia? We checked several sites including SEW Blog and Brian Smith's always wonderful ComparisonShopping.com but were unable to come up with anything about what appears to be another (it's live) Yahoo shopping service. Of course, we could be out of the loop on this one. If so, sorry for the wasted bits. Trovetopia. We have an idea that the site has been live for a couple of months. The Trovetopia site is clearly marked and reads, "powered by Yahoo Shopping." The sparse UI site includes a dynamic list of "hot" searches this text, "find millions of products from thousands of stores, updated every day! the right price every time..." It also includes a search box and the option to narrow by 11 product categories. Here's a comparison search for Treo 700p on Trovetopia and Yahoo Shopping. Trovetopia is bare bones, Yahoo Shopping offers many more options.

+ A few days's later Yahoo registered "THE N9NE" and "The Nine." Guess? Perhaps some new original programming for the Yahoo Tech site.

Postscript: A note from Brian Smith tells us he hadn't heard of Trovetopia. Brian is the (insert sports superstar name here) of shopping search and a great guy. When you can tell Brian about a shopping site he doesn't know about, wow!

Update: Over on SEW Blog, Brian has more about Trovetopia. It's a test bed site for Yahoo.

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