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Monday, 12th June 2006

Real Time Data: TrafficLand Continues to Expand, Aggregating Traffic Cams Around the Nation

Real Time Data #5: TrafficLand Continues to Expand, Aggregating Traffic Cams Around the Nation
by Gary Price

For the past couple of years I've been a regular user (both on the web and on my Treo Smartphone) of TrafficLand.com in the Washington DC metro area. The service aggregates real time traffic cameras from a variety of sources (often police, transport agencies, etc.). Very useful since what's being reported in a text or radio traffic report can be old versus being able to see what's happening live. Although these traffic cams are available from disparate sources, TrafficLand does an impressive job of bringing them all together and also allowing you to view multiple cameras at the same time.

TrafficLand is available in the DC metro and recently a New York City beta was launched.

Now, several new beta locations are available. More than worth a look.

Here's a list of TrafficLand cities (so far):

Full Service Cities:

Beta Cities:

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