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Saturday, 27th May 2006

Significant Earthquake Database; Free Clip Art from Reference Publisher Dorling Kindersley

Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full Text
Clip Art
Source: Dorling Kindersley
A Collection of Free Clip Art from Reference Publisher Dorling Kindersley
Free clip art imagery in over 50 categories.
Earthqakes--Lists & Rankings
Source: USGS
Earthquakes: Top 10 Lists & Maps (U.S. and Global) and Earthquake Databases
Over 20 lists and rankings
See Also: Significant Earthquake Database (via NOAA)
"The Significant Earthquake Database contains information on destructive earthquakes from 2150 B.C. to the present..."
See Also: Earthquake Intensity Database Search: 1638-1985 (via NOAA)
"The Earthquake Intensity Database is a collection of damage and felt reports for over 23,000 U.S. earthquakes. The digital database contains information regarding epicentral coordinates, magnitudes, focal depths, names and coordinates of reporting cities (or localities), reported intensities, and the distance from city (or locality) to epicenter. Earthquakes listed in the file date from 1638 to 1985."
Source: New York Times
Science Q&A
An archive of asked and answered science questions organized into 11 categories:
+ Birds & Fish
+ Human Body & Mind
+ Insects & Invertebrates
+ Manufactured Things
+ Microscopic Life
+ Plants
+ Space & Spaceships
+ The Earth
+ The Sea
+ The Weather
+ Everything Else
Source: Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) (via DocuTicker.com)
Iraq Reconstruction Timeline (PDF; 124 KB)
"Significant events and expenditures for IRRF (Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund) and key sectors."

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