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Tuesday, 26th July 2005


Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full Text Documents
U.S. Supreme Court--Justices
Source: University of Michigan Documents Center
United States Supreme Court Justices for the Past 100 Years (.xls)
"Spreadsheet showing presidents since Teddy Roosevelt, their years in office, and the names of their appointments to the Supreme Court. Justices are also identified by their status (chief/associate) and the years they held office." Handy.
Children--United States--Statistics
Source: US Census
Just Released, Living Arrangements of Children: 2001
16 pages; PDF. "Children live in a variety of family arrangements that usually reflect the marriage, divorce, and remarriage patterns of their parents. In addition, one third of children today are born out-of-wedlock and may grow up in single-parent families or spend significant portions of their lives with other relatives or stepparents."
Video Games
Source: FTC
New Guide to Video Game Ratings
Source: Kaiser Family Foundation
New Report, Future Financing to Address the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic
"The Kaiser Family Foundation has issued a report that provides a detailed look at funding for the global HIV/AIDS epidemic by major donors. The report, Financing the Response to HIV/AIDS in Low and Middle Income Countries: Funding for HIV/AIDS from the G7 and the European Commission, examines funding from countries in the Group of 7 and European Commission, which provide the bulk of donor assistance for HIV/AIDS through bilateral programs and contributions to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The data for the report were collected through a collaborative effort between the Kaiser Family Foundation and UNAIDS."

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