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Monday, 25th July 2005

Thinking Inside the Box: Games, Teens and Libraries, ERIC Users Information Exchange, & Digital Rights Management

Professional Reading Shelf
Libraries--Video Games
Source: Bloomington (IL) Public Library
Video Presentation and Podcast: Thinking Inside the Box: Games, Teens and Libraries
"A 90 minute podcast and 15 minute video by Bloomington Public Library and Alliance Library System covers how libraries can offer video gaming programs as a way make the library a relevant place for users, create social networks, and involve organizations in the community. The presentation was recorded on July 15, 2005."
ERIC Users Information Exchange
A new site from Kate Corby at Michigan State University. "Tips, techniques and current information about the ERIC index."
Scholary Electronic Publishing-- Current Awareness
Source: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
DigitalKoans: Flashback
Weekly news update via Bailey's DigitalKoans weblog "that provides commentary on scholarly electronic publishing and digital culture issues." According to Bailey, this "complements the scholarly reference-oriented biweekly SEPW" (Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog).
See also: Digital Works by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
Digital Rights Management
Source: Reviews.com
New, Managing the Unmanageable: Putting Cryptography to Work for Digital Rights
"Written by Professor Aggelos Kiayias of the University of Connecticut, the Hot Topic focuses on cryptography's role in managing the dissemination of digital content in ways that protect the rights of the creators. This form of digital rights management (DRM) must consider both the needs of the producer and consumer, and the field of cryptography promises to provide effective solutions."

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