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Thursday, 11th November 2004

A Compendium of Sports LIbraries on the Web

Resources of the Week
Greetings, sports fans. This list started as a discussion between two librarians in a sports bar, about "cool places we would like to work." If we missed any sports-related libraries or collections on the Web that you know about, please let us know.

Sports Libraries and Special Collections--Compendium
Amateur Atheletic Foundation Sports Library: "The AAF library collection covers virtually all aspects of amateur and professional sport. It includes approximately 40,000 printed volumes, 6,000 microform volumes, 7,000 videos, 400 periodical titles, and 90,000 photo images comprise the collection. The library supplements these holdings by providing access to several commercial online database services and the World Wide Web. Olympic information is a particular strength of the collection." Selected resources:
+ AAF publications search
+ Official Olympic Reports ("The AAF has obtained permission from the I.O.C. and all relevant National Olympic Committees to web publish all Official Olympic Reports through 2002. The project will be completed by the end of 2005.")
Appalachian State University Libraries Stock Car Racing Collection: "The Stock Car Racing Collection contains all types of materials that document the sport, including books, racing magazines, clippings, photographs, programs, posters, audio- and videotapes, promotional materials, and more." Selected resources:
+ Stock Car Collection Resources
+ History of the Sport
+ Subject Guide to Stock Car Racing (research guide)
Australian National Sport Information Center: "The National Sport Information Centre (NSIC) aims to contribute to the achievement of the Australian Sports Commission's objectives by enabling access to sports and related information and services. More than just a library, it is Australia 's premier information resource centre for sport and its related disciplines." Selected resources:
+ Library Collection
+ Full text archive
+ SportScan: "The SportScan database lists key articles, published since the mid-1980s, found in Australian and overseas sports journals held by the National Sport Information Centre (NSIC)."
The C.C. Morris Cricket Library (Haverford College): "The C. Christopher Morris Cricket Library and Collection is the largest collection of cricket literature and memorabilia in the Western Hemisphere. The library includes over a thousand volumes and a very large collection of related printed and photographic materials and related items of Cricket history." Selected resources:
+ How to access holdings via TRIPOD library system of Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Colleges.
+ Active Cricket
+ Cricket History
Centre for Sports Science and History: "The Centre for Sports Science and History (CENSSAH) is a research collection situated in the Main Library at the University of Birmingham. It was established in 1993 as the result of the merger of two formerly separate collections of sports material, the National Centre for Athletics Literature and the Sports Documentation Centre, together with the incorporation of some 1,500 additional sports related items from the Library's general stock." Selected resources:
+ Collections (detailed description of holdings)
+ Useful Links
International Swimming Hall of Fame Henning Library & Archive: "The Henning Library and Archive houses archival materials from over 150 aquatic and other sports related entities.... Current holdings, exceeding 31,000 discreet aquatic sports items, are available via computer/telecommunication networking to scholars, students, researchers, aquatic sports enthusiasts and the inquiring public." Selected resources:
+ Archive Holdings
+ Original scrapbooks from honorees and fans
Kenneth Ritchie Wimbledon Library: "The Kenneth Ritchie Wimbledon Library, which is part of The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, contains an outstanding collection of British and foreign lawn tennis books, annuals, periodicals, programmes, newspaper cuttings, video cassettes etc., which is available to the public for study and research.In 1991, an extension to the Library was opened to accommodate the ever increasing volume of items and in 2000, this area was reorganised to full capacity. Items originate from nearly 90 countries. Facilities are available for photocopying and the screening of video cassettes."
The London Life Hockey Hall of Fame Resource Centre: "The Hockey Resource Center, located adjacent the Hockey Hall of Fame Executive Offices, contains over 1.5 million photographic images, 26,000 publications, and 20,000 thematic hockey files." Selected resources:
+ Resource Centre Collection
+ Legends of Hockey (online photo gallery)
+ Links (Resource Sites/Organizations and International Ice Hockey Federation Member Sites)
National Baseball Hall of Fame Library and Giamatti Research Center: "The National Baseball Hall of Fame Library was founded in 1939 as a part of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Its mission is to collect, organize, and preserve the complete history of our National Pastime as recorded in all media formats, for the use of baseball fans and researchers." Selected resources:
+ OPAC (ABNER Library Catalog)
+ Baseball History
+ Research lists compiled by library staff (history and statistics)
National Basketball Hall of Fame Edward J. and Gena G. Hickox Library: "(T)he Hickox Library contains the most extensive collection of library and archival material related to basketball. It is the world's foremost facility devoted to the study and preservation of the game of basketball. The library is a public facility that serves hundreds of researchers and museum visitors on a yearly basis. Those who use the facility include Hall of Famers, players and their families, the media, radio and television journalists, officials of basketball teams and leagues, authors, journalists, students, academics and educators and other museum and library professionals. A full-time professional staff is available to assist patrons." Selected resources:
+ Treasures of the Hall of Fame Library
National Ski Hall of Fame and Museum Roland Palmedo Memorial Library: "The Roland Palmedo Memorial Library, one of the largest research ski libraries in the United States is housed in the Hall of Fame and Museum. Roland Palmedo was a skisport builder and contributor for more than 50 years. He helped to organize the National Ski Patrol, the teacher certification program and various early ski teams and clubs. He also edited two skiing books and developed one of the most extensive ski libraries in America. Following his death in 1977, his family donated his library to the National Ski Hall of Fame and Museum where it has become the nucleus for the Roland Palmedo Memorial Library."
The National Sporting Library: "The National Sporting Library, a research center for horse and field sports, is an incomparable collection of over 13,000 books, periodicals, photographs, films, and manuscripts housed in a magnificent 15,000 square-foot facility." Selected resources:
+ Archives & Manuscripts
+ Links to related libraries, collections, museums, etc.
Olympic Studies Centre Library: "The Library aims to offer the most complete possible collection of books on the Olympic Movment, the Games and the Olympic sports. The works also cover the scientific, medical, economic, legal and other aspects of sport in general." Selected resources:
+ List of thematic bibliographies (PDFs)
+ Multimedia Gallery
Paul W. Bryant Museum Library: "The Paul W. Bryant Museum Library contains the most extensive collection of archival, and published materials about The University Alabama sports in the world. This is a public facility and thousands of researchers, print media journalists, radio and television journalists, Museum visitors, callers and correspondents are served annually. "
Sporting News Research Center: "The Sporting News Archives was established in 1986 as a part of The Sporting News Publishing Company. Its primary purpose is to support the staff of the company by providing accurate reference information in a timely manner and by collecting and maintaining materials relevant to the production of our weekly magazine and our other products." Selected resources:
+ Photo Indexes
+ Reference Collections
United States Soccer History Library:
"Welcome to the National Soccer Hall of Fame's United States Soccer History. Read about from why the Hall of Fame is located in Oneonta, NY to the history of the U.S. Open Cup to the history of every World Cup and Women's World Cup." Selected resources:
+ American Soccer History Timeline
+ History of the World Cup
+ World Soccer Origins
United States Sports Academy Library: "The purpose of the USSA Library is to support the mission of the United States Sports Academy by ensuring that faculty and students have access to adequate learning resources and services needed to support its role as a sports-specific institution of graduate education. The library is available to all students both on and off campus." Selected resources:
+ Library Journal Holdings
+ Sports Information Internet Sites
+ Sports Related Resources by Subject
Thanks to ResourceShelf's Shirl Kennedy for preparing this wonderful colllection.

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