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Thursday, 8th May 2003

The Wall Street Journal Now Offering Limited Content via AOL Instant Messenger

Instant Messaging
Source: News.Com
The Wall Street Journal Now Offering Limited Content via AOL Instant Messenger
Instant messaging will continue to develop as a delivery tool for content and as a place where searches can be launched and questions can be asked. Have you seen SmarterChild? From the article, Whenever AIM users want to access the service, they can send an instant message to WSJonline. The Journal then sends instructions, via IM, for navigating a menu that will provide updated stock quotes and summaries of news articles. In their IM windows, the AIM users can view online sections of the publication such as top U.S. news stories or search for headlines by ticker or by company name. Full versions of the articles are available only to those who subscribe to the Web site.
Notes: If you don't have an AOL account you can still register for an AIM account, free. If you're unable or don't want to download the AIM software, no problem. Check out the Java based, AIM Express.
See Also: Dow Jones News Release About WSJ Service

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