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Monday, 21st April 2003

New Look at Tools from Jeeves

First Posted 12:00am 4/20/03
Web Search--Ask Jeeves
A New Look, Features at Ask Jeeves
+ A new, sleeker look to the home page. No more tabs, one search box.
+ A NEW image database. Note: The Image Database is Provided by Picsearch.
+ A Seach using the Expression "Pictures Of" will Automatically Return A Few Results from the Image Database
+ Browse by Subject, no longer available
+ News database remains, no improvement )-:
+ Product Search, still available
+ A direct link to the most popular searches page (JeevesIQ)
Results Pages
+ Bolding of Search Terms
+ Some results have "useful direct links" at the top of the page. For example, a search for "Chicago Cubs" provides direct links to team resources (stats, schedules, etc.). A search for science projects provides several options at the top of the page labeled as "science fair resources".
+ Some queries still offer the "traditional" Jeeves preformatted questions. For example, a search for airlines asks, "Where can I find an airline's 800 number?" Ask.Com calls this "Clarification Tools".
+ Smart Answers: For example, type in Zip 02134 and Receive a Direct Link to a Zip Code Database. Driving Directions , Movie Times,
+ Result pages continue to provide "related searches". These terms can be selected an run as a new search. This is unlike Teoma's refine feature that appends terms to the previous search. The "Related Pages" feature uses DirectHit technology.
+ Spell Check (When Needed)
The Ask.Com database of web page results uses the same database as Teoma.
It's nice to see Jeeves continuing to improve. Nevertheless, I still prefer the layout and the very useful and improving "refine" and "resources" sections at Teoma. However, for simple searches and novice searchers, the improvements at Jeeves are more than welcomed.
See Also: You'll find a few comments from Ask Jeeves execs in the Washington Post.
See Also: Official Overview from Jeeves

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