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Thursday, 28th November 2002


Web Resources of the Week
1) Archives and Repositories--Directory
Repositories of Primary Sources
Compiled at the University of Idaho Library this resource is home to a directory of over 5000 "websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar." The directory contains resources from around the globe and is browsable by geography. Useful, interesting, and addictive.
Popular Music--United Kingdom
2) The Official UK Charts Company Web Site and Database
For some of you this might be a useful pop culture and music trivia resource. For others (including me), it's a pop culture resource and hours of fun as you search, browse, listen and read about every number one record in the U.K. for the past 50 years, 942 songs as of this week.
A Quick Overview
* At the Top of the Page You'll Notice a Search Box. You Can Keyword Search (Title, Artist) the Complete List. Results are Returned in a Pop-Up Window.
Via the Orange Bar at the Top of the Page:
* Select, "Stats and Facts" and Get a List of One Hit Wonders, A List of Number Ones by Country of Origin, and More.
* Select, "All the Number Ones" and Click the "Full List" Link. You'll Get a Pop-Up Window With A List (Title, Artist, Date) of Every Number One U.K. Pop Song For the Past 50 Years.
* The "List of Number Ones" Also Offers an Opportunity to Select A Song Title, and Get a Pop-Up Box With Artist and Song Info. Finally, Selecting the "Click to Hear the Track" Offers the Opportunity to Listen to a 30 Second Snippet of the Song on your Computer.
* For this Site To Work to It's Potential You'll Need to Have Javascript Enabled, Flash, and a Windows Media Player.

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