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Tuesday, 26th November 2002


National Agriculture Library
"National Agricultural Library launches DigiTop�the Digital Desktop Library for USDA"
From an announcement, "The National Agricultural Library announces DigiTop�the Digital Desktop Library for USDA, available at www.nal.usda.gov/digitop/ for a pilot year. "DigiTop gives USDA people access to electronic information about agriculture and a lot of other subjects, 24 hours a day," said National Agricultural Library Director Peter Young. "It offers new and more efficient solutions consistent with E-government goals, showing the good things that can happen when USDA agencies collaborate." The National Agricultural Library has combined funding from USDA agencies to acquire USDA-wide licenses to more than 7,000 electronic journals, newspapers, key databases, statistics, and other important digital information resources and to present them in a 1-year pilot of DigiTop." Thanks to NFAIS for the news tip.
See Also: Direct to the DigiTop Digital Library

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