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Monday, 25th November 2002


News Search--Google
Hooray, You Can Now Limit Your Google News Search To a Specific Source!
For those of you Google News junkies out there, the folks at the Googleplex have turned on advanced limiting option that has previously only been available with the Google web database. You're now able to limit your search to a specific site for stories available via Google News. In other words, the site: syntax now works.
For example, to see all stories in Google News from the San Jose Mercury News containing the term Microsoft.
Use the following syntax:
site: (domain of news site) keyword(s)
site:bayarea.com Microsoft
To get a rough estimate of how many pages Google News has in its database from a specific news organization, try the following:
site:cnn.com inurl:*.*
site:cnn.com intext:*.*
You can also use this syntax and then sorting by date to create a virtual ticker of stories as Google News crawls and adds them to the database.
View all Google News accessible stories from The San Francisco Chronicle, Sorted by Date (Last in, First Out)
Since Google News went live, you've been able to limit your search to terms in the headline of a story by using the intitle: syntax.
Searching only the BBC site for the term Blair in the headline of the story.
Unfortunately, Google News and most of the other news search providers DO NOT provide a complete list of all sites crawled. AlltheWeb News has offered the ability to limit to a specific site for about one year. Thanks to Krishna and the rest of the Google team for activating this useful feature.

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