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Sunday, 24th November 2002

About Publishing Reference Books

Professional Reading Shelf
Reference Publishing
Source: Library Journal
"A Different Sort of Publishing"
From the article, "The publishers and their editors will tell you that it takes a singular talent, or at least special training, to take on the meticulous work of bringing out reference books for that special group of consumers. That is what the editors at LJ heard as we spoke with a few intrepid souls in this industry in the hopes of finding out the unique problems behind their favorite upcoming works. As we have been hearing for years, the growth of electronic publishing has put a new spin on nearly every project. Some pressures are similar to those at mainstream publishing houses. Foremost among these is the need for speed." LJ speaks with Sage Reference's Rolf A. Janke, Firefly Books' Michael Worek, McGraw-Hill's Mark Licker, and Greenwood Press's Gary Kuris.

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